To put it simply, Wayne's life revolves around racing and has for as long as he can remember. His first introduction to the sport came while his father, Wayne Smith Senior, was dirt track racing in Chester, Nova Scotia.

You may hear some of the drivers refer to Wayne as J.J. The reason for this is, in his family there are several father-son Seniors and Juniors. Therefore, Wayne Junior's family nicknamed him Junior to keep the confusion to a minimum. But over the years the nicknames J.J. and Jay have become more well known to his family and close friends.

When Wayne was approximately 12 years old he pit crewed for John Howard and the "H" car running out of Atlantic Speedway in Hammonds Plains, NS. There he got the racing fever in his blood and had a hard time waiting until he was old enough to drive himself.

Wayne first raced mini stock in 1981 at the age of 16 in which he had much success. He entered the sportsman division in 1986 winning the 1988 championship at Scotia Speedworld, Halifax and placing 3rd in points at Onslow Speedway, Truro that same year.

The jump to MASCAR came in 1989 when Frank Jackson, set up man for Junior Kelly's #50 team, left to put his own team together with Wayne behind the wheel. Wayne's talent followed him to the series and he became the first rookie to win a MASCAR feature race.

Wayne earned a reputation as being an aggressive driver with winning on his mind, but throughout the eleven seasons he has been with MASCAR a more patient and successful driver emerged which was proven when he won the 1994, 1999 and 2000 MASCAR Championships. His following is constantly increasing proven by the amount of fans wearing hats and T-shirts purchased at the souvenir trailer.

Most MASCAR teams have many crew members who help in the building and maintaining of the chassis, the body, engines, suspensions, etc., but Wayne does all of the building himself. He built his first complete chassis for the 1995 season. The car chassis used years before was one which had been purchased from Don Beiderman in Ontario. Throughout the years he had made modifications to the original until he came up with a design that satisfied him enough to construct his own. Also, Wayne has always built his motors from the ground up. He obviously has shown his talent or he would not have finished in the top ten of points in each season.

Wayne is only 36 years old and with luck on his side hopes to be racing well into the 21st Century.