Race Flags


Green Flag

Will start or restart all races. Lead cars will be responsible to hold the field at a reasonable speed and be even coming out of turn four. The green flag will wave as the lead cars approach the start line (or a predetermined spot) coming out of turn four. No one shall pass prior to the green flag waving and they cross the starting line. False starts will be yellowed and all cars will be expected to return to their start/restart lineup immediately. Those deemed  to be responsible for the false start will be at the discretion of the officials

Yellow Flag

Will be displayed when, in the opinion of the officials, there is no immediate danger to anyone in competition and the field must be slowed to enable cleanup or removal procedures. All cars will fall into single file and remain there until further instructed by officials

Red Flag

Will be displayed when officials want the race to STOP IMMEDIATELY

White Flag

Indicates the leader has started his final lap of competition. All other cars will be shown the white flag to indicate their final lap regardless of how many laps they have completed

Checkered Flag

Indicates the completion of the race

Black/Orange Flag

Is shown to a competitor who is having apparent mechanical difficulties (e.g. gas leak, body parts, hood up, oil leaking, wheel pointing in wrong direction, etc.). The competitor must go to the pits. Should he be able to make repairs, he can rejoin the field at any time during the race. Ignoring the Black and Orange flag could result in a Black flag

Black Flag

Indicates a driver is under penalty.  A black flag area will be determined at each facility and drivers will be told how to proceed at each drivers meeting.  He should immediately pull to the inside or outside of the track (depending on pit location) and proceed toward the pit lane. If, in the opinion of officials, the black flag was thrown for a deliberate unsportsmanlike maneuver then the offending car and driver could be disqualified for that race, or the entire event, and subject to further action at the discretion of Maritime Pro Stock Series officials.  

If, in the opinion of the officials, the black flag was thrown because of over-aggressiveness or impatience on the part of the driver, the car may be allowed to continue once it has worked its way to the rear of the field. Directions to pit or continue will be given prior to a car entering the pits (Penalty Box). This Black flag situation will also be used for such things as not holding your position on a start or restart, racing through the infield, entering or re-entering the track with little concern for the competitors which remained on the racing surface.  Crews are urged to get drivers back to their penalized position on the race track, without the use of the penalty box.  Should a driver ignore a black flag, he is at the discretion of the officials.

Should a car and/or driver receive several black flags for rough riding throughout a season, the car and/or driver will be at the discretion of the officials and could be disqualified for an entire event or longer.

Black flag penalties could result in a temporary loss of positions, last place points and money for the affected race, or  no points and/or money at the discretion of the officials

Blue/Orange Flag

Indicates the leaders are approaching. Drivers are expected to be courteous and observe this move-over flag and not run interference to the leaders

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Last Updated: April 9, 2001