Points Layout

All points will be awarded to the car. In the event of a substitute (or renumbered) car (must be registered at sign in), the original driver must remain. However, a substitute driver can be used in the original car (not a borrowed car with the same number). Changing drivers could affect handicap.


In the case of substitute drivers, championship points (for banquet presentation purposes) will be awarded to the designated driver of the car. In the case of co-drivers, the points will be accounted as if there is only one driver (majority driver). Points money and/or tow money will be paid to the car number that meets the above criteria as well as that outlined in Sec. 17 of the racing procedures.


Rookie points will be awarded the same as car points. However, a registered rookie must qualify and drive his own car to receive rookie points.


In a meet with a held over feature, where two features are held on the same day, any car unable to compete in the regular feature, due to mechanical failure or damage sustained in the held over feature, will be awarded last place points for the regular feature held on that day. Should a car break prior to the held over feature, and it was able to compete on the original date, it may be credited with last place points for the held over portion of the meet only. The intent of this rule is to not have a car lose points for two features in one day because of a held over feature. All situations will be at the discretion of the officials and must be brought to their attention prior to the start of any affected feature.

Qualifying races will not award championship points. Separate points may be tracked for qualifying races based on sponsor requirements.

The Main Feature will award 200 points to the winner and decrease by two points per position.  The top non-qualified car that competed in the "B" Feature or Semi will receive 50 points and decrease two points per position for each non qualified car. All cars that lead a lap in the Main Feature will receive 5 bonus points. The car leading the most Main Feature laps will receive an additional 5 bonus points. Should a Pole Challenge be in effect, the car taking the challenge will receive 5 points for finishing in the top five. Should that car lead a lap and lead the most laps, it will forfeit its five points for finishing in the top five.

All cars that attempt to compete will receive a minimum of 100 points per event.

In the event of a tie for position in a race, the two positions will be divided equally for money and the higher points’ position will be awarded to both competitors.