Purse, Tow Money & Bonus Awards



The guaranteed minimum purse for 100 lap races will be as follows: 1. $1500, 2. $1000, 3. $800, 4. $600, 5. $550, 6. $500, 7. $475, 8. $450, 9. $425, 10. $400, 11. $350, 12-15. $300, 16-19. $275, 20-25. $250, 26-40. $100.


The guaranteed minimum purse for 200 lap races will be as follows: 1. $3000, 2. $2000, 3. $1500, 4. $1000, 5. $900, 6. $800, 7. $700, 8. $600, 9. $550, 10. $500, 11-15. $400, 16-19. $350, 20-25. $300, 26-40. $100

In addition to purse money, eligible participants will receive tow money at each event (see below).

In order to get credit for a finishing position in a race, a car should have made the initial on-track lineup (pass under starters stand under itís own power) or taken the green flag to start the first official lap of the race prior to the leader completing one lap. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by the race director.


Cars that qualified to advance to a feature but failed to answer the call to the lineup for that feature for any reason, will not forfeit their spot to an unqualified car, nor will they receive credit for a finishing position in that feature (except as described in Sections 16.7, 17.4). Bubble cars will not be used. Cars that do not get points or prize money from another feature that fail to start the Main Feature may receive a minimum payout at the discretion of officials.



Tow money is paid based on the distance a competitor travels to attend a meet. All competitors will declare one of the CPST tracks as their home track in agreement with CPST officials. Casual cars may have to compete in a minimum number of events to qualify for tow money. Casual participants should check with MPST officials before coming to an event to see if they qualify. Depending on the number of expected entries, tow money eligibility may require that it be the cars second appearance of the season at a MPST event other than the cars home track and he attempted to compete at the most recent MPST event at his home track.  Tow money will be as follows: Nova Scotia to Fredericton: $160, Halifax to Antigonish: $60, Fredericton to Nova Scotia: $160, PEI to Fredericton or Nova Scotia: $200, Fredericton and Nova Scotia to

PEI: $200. Cars that travel beyond their home track a minimum of 100 kms. (e.g. Annapolis valley, N.S., Centreville, Grand Falls, N.B.) will receive an additional $40 tow money with approval from MPST officials.

No tow money will be paid at the home track.



The year end Bonus Awards will be a minimum of $50,000 distributed as follows:


1. $10,000 2. $5000 3. $4000 4. $3500 5.$ 3000 6. $2650 7.$2500 8. $2300 9.$2200 10. $2000 11. $1800 12. $1700 13. $1650 $14. $1600 $15. $1500 16. $1200 17. $1000 18. $850 19. $800 20. $750 ($50,000)

There is an 80% participation requirement to qualify for this plan.

Additional bonus money and/or awards could be distributed to participants either at each show or post season or both, based on criteria negotiated with the providers of the funds.



A. Twenty positions will be available on the CIRCLE of CHAMPIONS plan. Starting with the completion of week two, cars with 100% attendance (2 races) receive a $50 weekly bonus for each race attended in the current season, so long as its attendance remains at 100% and they remain in the top 20 in points on the CPST.

B. A car with 100% attendance that falls out of the top 20 can be added to the CIRCLE of CHAMPIONS plan based on points standings (highest first, etc.) should a top 20 car miss a race.